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Regular Haircut


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We specialize in every significant type of haircut. Personalized requests of the clients are also entertained at the barbershop, and we help the clients in choosing the most suitable hairstyle. State-of-the-art hairstyling techniques are provided to the clients.

two haircuts $50.00

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Beard Trim $15.00

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Like hairstyles, numerous types of beard trims and styling is provided to the customers depending on their requirements. A quick trim is also available if you are in a hurry and want to get your beard trimmed before rushing off to a party.

haircut & colour  $65.00

Tax Included

Along with providing the best haircutting services, we offer the option of hair colours as well. Safe and certified hair colours are used to ensure maximum and prolonged results while protecting the hairs.

three hair cuts  $60.00

Tax Included

Hair wash  $4.99

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Hair washing facility is also available to make your hair fresh before cutting. Suitable hair products are used for washing the hair. It enhances the whole hair cutting and styling experience.


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Beard and Haricut


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